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The latest Coral news



3rd album should be out early next year and is being produced by Adrian Utley and Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame.


James & Nick played an impromtu gig in Bath on the 17th of november, at the Porter Cellar Bar. They were joined onstage by a mystery guitar player (who might or might not have been Adrian Utley or Geoff Barrow...)


Little Mikey from the official board's informs us:

In care of gary bandit : new night starting this sunday, 5th December, and carrying on every week after. Ian (Skelly) will be djing the first one, then on the 12th the stdjs, then the 17th john bandit. It's at the lemon lounges on berry street, at the top of seel street, and is every sunday from then on. It's 1 pound on the doors and is kinda like the bandwagon..........but on a sunday.
Doors 8.30.



To be taken with a pinch of salt but a possible title for the new album, which is being mixed in Bath by Nick and James, is "The Invisible Invasion". Again, props to the Judge!



The ever reliable Judge informs us that the lads are in the process of mastering the new album!



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