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The Zion Egg crew would like to wish you lot a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!! Thank you to all those who helped by sending in stuff, giving us news, posting to the boards, etc, see you all next year!

The FTP'll be down over the next few days, sorry!



You might have noticed that the site's been down over the last few days. Our host decided to die quite suddenly and it's taken me a while to sort a new (and better) one out. Hopefully this one will be faster, more reliable and enable us to add some features to the website. As from today onwards, the site can be accessed through www.zionegg.com as well, no more banners! Might be a few teething problems as a result of the host change, let us know on the message board if weird and wonderful things are happening when you view the website...

Stay tuned!



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