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This is the tracklisting for THE INVISIBLE INVASION according to 'Ponoma' who do most of Deltasonic's press.

1. She Sings The Mourning
2. Cripples Crown
3. So Long Ago
4. The Operator
5. A Warning To The Curious
6. In The Morning
7. Something Inside Of Me
8. Come Home
9. Far From The Crowd
10. Leaving Today
11. Arabian Sand
12. Late Afternoon

More about the album....
*James Skelly says 'Arabian Sand' is about the Dali painting 'Mad Man in the Desert'
*"The Invisible Invasion" is said to be not as 'dubby' or radical as The Coral's other stuff. It's straightforward, but it works well for it. It's like a collection of the more 'normal' songs from the first two records.


If you haven't been to www.thecoral.co.uk lately..
check it out. The site has removed all the orange and browness that was from 'Magic and Medicine'.

Now it says 'THE INVISIBLE INVASION' on it.
The Forum is still down and over to the right theres an 'audio' button. I don't think its working yet.
Lets hope that the site is going to be updated a lot more soon.



It seems that the official coral forums are down
If you haven't already seen the new film clip (for "In the Morning") try this link:


I know most of this is taken from other websites, but it is a bit hard to find information on The Coral through television and radio out here in Australia. Mainly because The Coral aren't well known down here.

More news... just been confirmed that The Coral are to appear on "Top Of The Pops" on the 29th of April. It would be great if someone could get audio or video from that. The Coral might play some songs from the new album!



Here's the tracklisting of the new single, In The Morning:

CD Maxi
-In The Morning
-Gina Jones
-The Image of Richard Burton as Crom (aka Slow Mo Murder)

-In The Morning video

CD - 2 Tracker
-In The Morning
-Leeslunchboxbyblueleadandthevelcrounderpants (aka Bobby Zeus)

Limited Edition 7” vinyl
-In The Morning
-Gina Jones

Cheers Liam!

In other news, Liam's joined the Zion Egg team to help out with the news section. Welcome aboard!


The lads played a set last night on radio 1's Lamacq Live.
Here's the setlist:

She Sings The Morning
Don't Think You're The First
So Long Ago
In The Morning
Something Inside of Me
Dreaming of You
Pass It On
Arabian Sand
Calanders And Clocks

Thanks to F@b from Sound Of Violence



As we mentioned, In The Morning will be released on the 9th of may, followed by the Invisble Invasion on the 23rd of may.

The band have also announced some news dates:

20th – Sheffield Leadmill
21st – Manchester Ritz
22nd – Glasgow Barrowlands
24th – Bristol Academy
25th – London Astoria
26th – Portsmouth Pyramid

Cheers to Gabriel and Liam



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